Good News Stories

A few stories of how the Ministry of Sport is impacting local church outreach.

Christine Statham, golfer, Long Eaton

“I find events a great opportunity to invite non-Christian sporty friends. A short talk or testimony often prompts conversations”.

Colin Knight, East Leake

“We see sports ministry as a great way to reach out to our community, to make contact with people we wouldn’t normally see at run-of-the-mill church events. Sport is a great connecter, especially for young men and young families. We see it as a great opportunity build community and further the mission of God in this place”.

Dom Conidi, Linby

“We have been heavily involved with various Ministry of Sport events. These events have enabled us to use our passion for sport to engage with others and share the gospel”.

David Gregory, Hucknall

“Sports ministry was absolutely crucial to my own journey to faith and I’ve now a real passion for it. I was met where I was at, and it was from there that I began to want to explore faith”.

Janet Nyland, Tuxford

“Rob has led our Monday evening group for 5-11 year olds at St Nicholas Church. On each occasion, he has produced an action-packed, non-stop, wide ranging programme of sports activities, which the children have enjoyed, and which has embraced all age groups and abilities. He has also led the 'Jesus Spot' with fun/interesting ways of delivering the Bible Story. He has been able to work with any number of children. He has gained a great deal of respect from the children, as from us as leaders too. We are older leaders, and having the opportunity to offer sports led by a Christian has been invaluable in a re-ordered 850yr old church building. We wholeheartedly endorse his ministry and look forward to continuing to work with him”.

Andrew and Lynne Pearson, Toton

"The Ministry of Sport provided excellent training, briefing and envisioning for a new sports team in Toton Churches. Support was provided to establish Sweaty Church, which now runs three times a year attracting 40-50 people. The Ministry of Sport also helped us run a sports curry and quiz evening, led family games at our Church Family Camp and games at our Youth Clubs and helped put on a Mini Olympics Event in 2016 for family and children’s teams. Helpful suggestions have also been made for wider events, such as organising a Park Run and World Cup Rugby Breakfasts this autumn. Many thanks for the support we have received so far!"

What can the ministry of sport do for you?

The Ministry of Sport can support you, either as an individual or a church, by supplementing local church programmes with sports-specific opportunities to equip, pray, invite and network. Please submit the enquiry form to get involved and to be kept up-to-date with events.

Find out about sporty events near you!

This website is also where you can find out what sporty events we are running, access a load of great resources and get in touch with us to see how we can serve you and your church in its community outreach. If you're still investigating the Christian faith then check out our Just Looking page.