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You don't even have to be sporty yourself to get involved in sports ministry. There are tons of proven strategies that can help the local church reach out more effectively into its community through the unique power of sport. Check out this short video to see for yourself: 

From sports quiz nights to Sweaty Churches, after-school clubs to men's events, there's loads of initiatives to try. If you want to explore how sports ministry can enhance what your church already does, and help realise your vision for your community, then get in touch with the Ministry of Sport today.

I'm the only sporty person in my church - how can I persuade them of the benefits of sports ministry?

Every church that is serious about evangelism should be serious about sports ministry, regardless of personal hobby choice! Sport is by far the most popular leisure activity in our culture. Here's some useful facts:

- a colossal 5.2 bn people worldwide report being involved with sport every week (compared to 3.1bn internet users)
- 51.9m (90% of the UK population) watched the London Olympic Games in 2012
- 80% of young people have never set foot in a church, and 80% of young people list sport as one of their interests

The Ministry of Sport is always on hand to visit your church, either on a Sunday morning or to discuss with your church leaders how sports ministry might serve their vision. The following film is also ideal for showing to a church congregation:

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