Game On - Arnold
Thursday 23 February 2017, 07:30pm - 09:00pm

Mellish Rugby Club, Plains Road, Arnold, NG3 5RX

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Our premier monthly sports church tours the county's sports venues this year. 90 minutes of games, interviews, quizzes, discussion and a talk on following Jesus, tailored for a sporty audience.

The vision of Game On

We launched Game On as an attempt to bridge the gap between existing ‘back-of-the-stands’ outreach events and existing Sunday services.

We are passionate about everyone being given the chance to hear and explore the Good News of Jesus in a language and environment that they are familiar with, and through sports culture Game On is a great way to make that possible. So if you’ve friends, team mates or colleagues who have heard of your faith but would be uncomfortable accepting an invite to mainstream church just yet then why not invite them along to Game On. There’s 90 minutes of games, interviews, refreshments, quizzes, sporty banter and a short but to the point talk on following Jesus, with plenty of opportunity for response and discussion.

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