Just Looking?

Love sport but not sure yet about the Christianity bit?

Have you ever tried explaining why you love your sport to someone with no interest in it at all? It can be exasperating that they have completely the wrong idea. Those who don’t appreciate the magic of football think it’s all about over-pampered millionaires and hooligans; people who are yet to grasp the multi-layered beauty of cricket can’t understand why you’d watch it for 5 days without much seeming to happen; non-rugby fans tell you it’s just all about men wanting to hug each other for 80 minutes. It’s frustrating because you know that beneath outward appearances, the sport you follow is about so much more. And you love it.

In today’s world, a similar thing is going on for Christians. A combination of a few terrible examples increased disengagement with Christianity and an often quite ignorant mainstream media results in most people have such wild misconceptions of those who claim that Jesus of Nazareth was who he said he was.


Just like sport, however, the Christian faith demands further investigation before it is so quickly dismissed. Is the world around us all there is? Does materialism really answer every question our heart asks? For over 1/3 of the world’s population, a living relationship with a loving, creator God, made possible through the life, death and resurrection of his Son Jesus is a complete game-changer. Far beyond the dry, rules-based religion most people associate with church, and the heart-breaking examples hyped up by the press, real faith has the unique ability to give meaning, purpose and true peace, answering questions that we all ask but have given up ever finding the answers to.

That’s why the Ministry of Sport exists, to help those who were born to play and follow sport to explore the Greatest Game of all, the pursuit and eternal enjoyment of relationship with God.

So don’t settle for half-truths and ignorance. Truly investigate what the Christian faith is really about. Here are 3 ways you can start to do that for yourself:

1) Listen to a few podcasts that explore the basics of the Christian faith through a sporty lens

2) Check out the various sporty events the Ministry of Sport has planned that offer the chance to enjoy some sport and consider the claims of Jesus Christ in a relaxed environment

3) Enter into a proper discussion with other Christians. No, not on Facebook or YouTube comments (to be avoided!) but real people trying to make sense of life’s journey while trying their best to keep God at the centre of their lives. A great way to do this is to try an Alpha course - millions have done this seeker-friendly course and have found it hugely worthwhile. Alternatively, why not look up your local church and give it a go for yourself?.

If the Ministry of Sport can support you in any way in your pursuit of the truth then just get in touch!

What can the ministry of sport do for you?

The Ministry of Sport can support you, either as an individual or a church, by supplementing local church programmes with sports-specific opportunities to equip, pray, invite and network. Please submit the enquiry form to get involved and to be kept up-to-date with events.

Find out about sporty events near you!

This website is also where you can find out what sporty events we are running, access a load of great resources and get in touch with us to see how we can serve you and your church in its community outreach. If you're still investigating the Christian faith then check out our Just Looking page.