The Ministry of Sport is happy to lead or contribute towards any church service, outreach event, school assembly, youth group or children's group that will explore the theme of sport and faith. However, these resources might be useful too.

Resources: Websites

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Verite Sport

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Christians in Sport

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Global Sport Chaplaincy basic training course

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UK Sports Ministries

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Resources: Podcasts

Why is Christianity worth exploring?

So much of our society has rejected Christianity without ever having properly looked into it for themselves. Here we examine why Christianity is logical, relevant and life-changing, through 6 sporty images.

Sport is for the Amateur

Christianity, like sport, should be judged not by the sometimes misleading image of those in the limelight but by what it's really about - the grassroots, everyday love and relationship beneath it all.

Beyond the Rules

'Is Christianity just a set of rules?' If not, what is it about?
What are the differences between dry religion and a living relationship with Jesus Christ?

Why bother training?

In sport, and in much of life, you get out what you put in, with many going to extraordinary lengths to achieve supreme fitness or ultimate commitment to their sport. When it comes to our lives, Christianity offers a radically different approach to acceptance, achievement and inspiration than offered by all other world views.

It's Coming Home

We are all invited to receive God's outrageous gift of a new start with Him - no matter how far we've wandered.

Spectator or Player?

Who do we say Jesus is? Will we step off the stands and onto the pitch to experience the life to the full that Jesus promises?

Hope and Despair

How firm are the foundations to our lives? When the storms of life hit, how do we react?

Resources: Interviews

Dave Udoh, March 2016

Adam Akers, April 2016

Resources: Videos

'Let's Go' by Christians in Sport.

An ideal video for showing in church to convince others of the role and potential of sports ministry. 

'The Greatest Escape' by Christians in Sport.

The 2003 Rugby World Cup Final, the 2005 Champions League Final and the 2012 Ryder Cup are used to illustrate the role of the rescuer, in sport and in our lives.

'Life to the Full' by Christians in Sport.

The role of the coach in sport is used to examine Jesus' impact on the life of those who follow Him.

'The Greatest Discovery' by Christians in Sport.

George Best was perhaps football's best discovery ever. Jesus is the greatest discovery we can ever make.

'One Giant Leap' by Christians in Sport.

Mike Powell's amazing world record beating long jump in 1991 is used to illustrate the problem of human sin, and how Jesus offers the only solution to this eternal problem.

What can the ministry of sport do for you?

The Ministry of Sport can support you, either as an individual or a church, by supplementing local church programmes with sports-specific opportunities to equip, pray, invite and network. Please submit the enquiry form to get involved and to be kept up-to-date with events.

Find out about sporty events near you!

This website is also where you can find out what sporty events we are running, access a load of great resources and get in touch with us to see how we can serve you and your church in its community outreach. If you're still investigating the Christian faith then check out our Just Looking page.